Reminiscent of a collaborative garage sale… so many little gems to be bought at bargain prices! We love it!
I found a large Griswold cast iron skillet for $5. It cleaned up nicely and I use it all the time.
Year-round flea market has been a thrifty shopper’s paradise for nearly 40 years.
Very happy for this wonderful institution called Jamie’s Flea Market!!!!
I found two issues of The Monster Times at Jamie’s flea market for 50 cents.
I start on the outside, there’s always a lot of stuff outside.
Check out Jamie’s… it’s a lot of fun if you love flea markets 🙂
Had a wonderful time the last time I was there!
I’m looking forward to the summer Saturdays outside!
Jamie’s is a great place to find good deals! We go often.
I haven’t been here in so long! I remember going there as a kid and getting those yumming chili dogs and apple fritters 🙂
This was the best Saturday event of the summer so far!
Awesome place to shop. You’ve gotta stop by Abby’s Preserves. They make the best jams and pickles around.
I ♥ Jamie’s!
You won’t be let down!
One of my fondest memories from my childhood is visiting Jamie’s every summer when I would stay with my Grandma. There was a lady that made the BEST Barbie clothes ever… my friends were always sooooooo jealous! I will be visiting again and am super excited to share these memories with my daughter. See you soon!!!