Jamie’s is one of the largest traditional flea markets in the Northern Ohio area. Jamie’s has two buildings with an eclectic mix of indoor dealers and up to 400 outside vendors in a colorful outdoor market. It’s like visiting an estate sale and dozens of garage sales in one trip!

This historic flea market has been in Amherst for over 50 years. Real people selling real bargains. Great shopping. Family fun every Wednesday and Saturday, all year round.

Our Story

Jamie’s – it’s really pronounced “Ja-mays” – is a family business dating back 50 years.

Started by William and Martha Jamie in the ’60s as an auction house and furniture store. The East building was started in 1960. As the years went by and the business flourished, more rooms were added. The Center building was originally built in 1970.

By the ’70s Jamie’s had evolved into a flea market and a few years later the business was taken over by their daughter, Janice, and her husband, Stan Ingersoll.

In 1983 Ralph and Lolita Mock visited Jamie’s as shoppers. Ralph was a commercial lending banker and Lolita a home economics teacher. Over the years, Ralph had seen a lot of boom/bust scenarios in commercial lending and his interest in flea markets was piqued by a car dealership in central Ohio that had successfully repurposed some of its space into a flea market.

Ralph left his business card with Stan stating, “If you ever want to sell let me know.” At that time Stan had no intentions of selling and threw the business card in a drawer. But then life happened, and Stan called Ralph and the business deal was made. The Ingersoll’s daughter, Lorna Ingersoll, who had worked in the business with her parents, agreed to stay on and work for the Mocks.

Under the Mock’s leadership, many improvements were made to both the indoor building and the outside vending area. Family-oriented events and the principle of giving back to the community were instated.

In 1999, vandals set fire to a waste bin causing the Center building to catch fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Jamie’s never closed for business. A new Center building was inaugurated in 2000. With the exception of state mandated Covid closure and a blizzard in 2022, Jamie’s Flea Market has never missed a day of business.

In 2008 the Mock’s four daughter inherited Jamie’s and continue to keep the tradition of a family business alive. Lorna Ingersoll, granddaughter of William and Martha, and Stan and Janice’s daughter, is the General Manager of Jamie’s.

The Mock family is proud of these achievements, and thankful for the inside and outdoor vendors, shoppers, and staff who are integral to the family and community-oriented flea market.