What do I need to get started?

Merchandise! It can be new, gently used or an antique. You may want to purchase goods wholesale and resell them. Many items are popular, and we’d be happy to advise you, just contact us.

Should I rent an inside or an outside booth space?
  • Indoor space is for vendors who wish to establish a commercial presence over time. You must be ready to be open for business during market hours: 8am-4pm every Wednesday and Saturday. Space is rented one week in advance.
  • Outdoor space is ideal for people who want to occasionally sell at Jamie’s, or want to have both an inside and outside presence. Many vendors start off with outside space(s), and then move inside as they build their business.
How do I reserve a booth space?
  • We have space available in both the East and Center Buildings. Please contact us and we’ll find the right space for you.
  • Outdoor space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis (with the exception of outside reserve spaces). Your vehicle must be parked in your space. No saving spaces for other vendors.
How early can I reserve an outside space?

You can bring your vehicle in after 4pm on Tuesdays for Wednesday market days, and after 8am on Fridays, for Saturday market days. Your vehicle must be in your space by 8am on market days.

Can I reserve the same outside space from week to week?

Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Arriving early helps you get a space up front. Your vehicle must be parked in your space. No saving spaces for other vendors.
If you need to have the same space from one market day to the next, inquire with the office about an Outside Reserve space or a booth inside.

What is an Outside Reserve space?

Vendors who wish to be in the same space on every market day, close to Jamie’s buildings, can rent the same space for the season. Outside reserve spaces are rented 1 month in advance. Contact us to reserve your space.

Do booths have electricity and water?

Jamie’s provides electricity and heating for inside vendors. There is a fee for appliances. Concession areas have water access. Please inquire at the office if you have special needs. There is no electricity or water for outside vendors.

Can I rent tables, tents and chairs?

At this time there are no tables, tents or chairs available for rent.

What will I need for my booth inside?
  • Decorating your booth is key to getting the shoppers’ attention. You’ll need some furniture to display your merchandise: tables, shelves, display cases, clothes racks, etc.
  • All walls you build must be free standing and not attached to the building. They can be no taller than 5 ft solid and then an extra 3 foot lattice.
  • Don’t forget a chair for yourself, a cash box and plenty of small bills and coin for change. A fanny pack is ideal for making change. Many vendors put sheets over their merchandise at 4pm when the market closes.
Do I need a license to sell at Jamie’s?
  • For Vendor License information please visit the Ohio Department of Taxation.

  • Food & Beverage vendors must provide the office with a copy of your Lorain County Health Department Lorain County Health Department permit.

    • Vendors selling any type of food or drink will be charged an additional concession fee of $25.
    • All food vendors must provide their own trash can.
What can I sell at Jamie’s?
  • Just about anything you think people will want or need. People don’t always buy what they need, but they usually buy what they want, such as things that make them happy, will make them look good, or feel better about themselves.
  • People come to buy gifts or find seasonal items.
  • People come to find a bargain and like to haggle over the price. Be sure to put a price tag on your items, since some people may be interested, but too shy to ask the price.
  • Used items – in good condition – that are “new” to another person: books, DVDs, CDs, toys, games, clothes, kitchen & garden tools, dishes, vases.
  • Unique or vintage items that can’t be found in stores.
  • It’s always a good idea to be the only one at Jamie’s selling a certain item. Come visit us to find what’s missing.
What can’t I sell at Jamie’s?

The sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, live animals, drugs, pornography, nazi and confederate flags and emblems, and related items are strictly prohibited.

What if I have to leave before the market closes?
  • Inside vendors must be open from 8am-4pm. We advertise the hours and shoppers come both early and later in the day. We owe it to our customers to be open whenever they come.
  • If you are an inside vendor and need to leave early one day, you must make arrangements to have someone be in charge of your booth. An empty booth reflects poorly on your business and the entire market, and can mean reduced traffic. Violators will be fined.
  • Outside vendors must arrive by the time the market opens at 8am and are also required to stay until 4pm. Many customers drive a distance and are disappointed when outside vendors close early.
What kind of security does Jamie’s provide against theft?
  • Jamie’s is equipped with security cameras and alarms, which discourage thieves and shoplifters.
  • Vendors need to be vigilant when browsers are in their booth. Valuable items should either be locked in a display case or not be within easy access of passersby.
  • Jamie’s is not responsible for theft or damaged merchandise.
  • Jamie’s is not responsible for personal injury.
What should I do in the case of an emergency?

All emergencies are handled through the office. If you call 911 on your cell phone please call the office at 440-986-4402 so that we can have the parking attendants direct the rescue squad.

Does Jamie’s give rain checks?
  • We advise all dealers to check the weather forecast before setting up a Jamie’s. Fortunately, a lot of people shop at Jamie’s rain or shine, and the weather in Northeastern Ohio is fairly predictable.
  • Jamie’s doesn’t give rain checks.
Are Vendors allowed to bring their pets?

Outside vendors may bring their pets, but they must stay in your booth at all times, be on a leash and be cleaned up after.